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Spurs seeks revenge

Last week, the NBA Finals were won by the San Antonio Spurs, who beat Miami Heat 4-1. This earned the Spurs their fifth NBA championship. Game 1 was in San Antonio and on the day of the game at the AT and T Center in San Antonio, the air con failed to turn on and […]

Earthquake wrecks Chile

On the 1st of April a massive earthquake hit the north coast of Chile, causing a small tsunami.The earthquake began at 8:46pm with a really high magnitude of 8.2.The earthquake was so strong it set off tsunami warnings in Hawaii. .The earthquake damaged an airport and 6 people were killed.The tsunami sunk some boats but otherwise […]

The future has arrived! In the form of glasses!

Hello, today we are going to talk about Google Glasses and their special features. Description of Google Glasses Tiny but powerful hardware, the Google team managed to squeeze all of its features into a tiny computer. Google Glasses shows its screen by projecting an image onto a piece of glass that is held in front […]

Unexpected Results in the FIFA World Cup

One of the most popular sports is football and most people love to play it. So every four years, many countries gather together to compete in the FIFA World Cup. This year the FIFA World Cup is taking place in one of the World’s most famous footballing countries, Brazil. The Brazilians have a saying about […]

Horace Silver, top U.S. jazz musician, died at the age of 85

Horace Silver was an American jazz pianist and composer who died at  the age of 85 in the U.S. on June 18th 2014. His health had been worse for several years, but his death was not disclosed. Silver started his career as a tenor saxophonist in Connecticut. But when he moved to New York in […]