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BREAKING NEWS: Curfew finally stopped across Thailand

General Prayuth Chanocha announced that the curfew would end on13th of June but political protests of the coup is still banned. The curfew, which happened since last month till the 13th has stopped because the situation in the country is calming and everyday life is going on as normal for tourists as well as local […]

Has the Military taken over Thailand?

After the coup, many paid red shirts for the pro-government support (from Cambodia) struggled and fled back to Cambodia. Many illegal workers fled back to their home country because they don’t want to be caught by the military or police for illegally entering Thailand and working there, even though the military said it was only […]

Disastrous earthquakes and aftershocks strikes northern Thailand

  Last month, on the 5th of May an earthquake of 6.3 magnitude struck northern Thailand, causing some damage to buildings, schools and roads. The earthquake struck 17 miles southwest of the town of Chiang Rai, the most northern town in Thailand. It was even felt in the capital city, Bangkok and in neighboring, Myanmar. […]

Military against Taxi mafia gangs

On June 19 2014 at Suvarnabhumi, taxi mafia gangs offended the military vows. They said they wanted to get more money so they would only accept long trips. Maj Gen Nirandorn Samutsakhon (commander of the 11th Military circle) said “From now on, drivers will have to accept the passengers they get. They cannot choose them. But […]