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Interview with Mr.Chris Whitfield

 Mr. Chris is our former Principal who joined us again last year. He left St. Stephen’s 3 years ago when he decided to retire. The main reason Mr. Chris  came back was because Mr. David Taylor was very ill and could not continue  work. The school director decided to invite Mr. Chris back because they […]

Interview Ms. Wendy:

What is your favorite Thai food? Khao-pad, pad thai, mango and sticky rice and coconut soup. What is your  favorite song? When she love me (from Toy story) When will the next Music recital be? On the 4th of April What are your  favorite sports? Figure skating What things do you like to do in your free […]

Interview with Mr. Ted

What is your favorite hobby? Reading and playing guitar Who is your favorite singer/band? The Dandy Warhols and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club What is your favorite country? Thailand and India What is your favorite lesson to teach? I love teaching art Which culture do you like? Why? I like Thai culture, especially the Thai food […]

Teacher’s Profile #3: Ms.Sueann Plenkovich

Name: Ms. Sueann Plenkovich Gender: Female Tutor: 7 SP Location (Room): Art room, 3-3-11 CAS Activity: Yoga Subject she teaches and why: Art because she likes to help students and see who they are Time spent in Thailand: 6 months Why she came to Thailand & why she likes it here: The tropical climate Childhood […]

Interview Ms. Shan Shan

What is your favourite Thai food? Som Tam Pu.  Do you have any sisters or brothers? 1 brother.  Have you ever play any instruments? What is it? Gu zheng  (Chinese instrument)  What is your favorite hobby? Watch Movies, shopping, read book Which countries do you like the most? China, Korea, Japan What is your favorite […]

Teacher’s Profile #2 : Ms.Nicola Venn

Name: Ms.Nicola Venn Gender: Female Tutor Group: Year 11 NV Location (Room): Science lab, building three, 3-2-07 CAS activity: She is in charge of CAS activities. Subject she teaches: Science – Biology Years spent in Thailand: 4 months. Why she came to Thailand: Loves travel and the food . Things she likes about Thailand: The […]

Teacher’s profile #1: Mr.Ryan Coughlin

Name: Mr.Ryan Coughlin Gender: Male Tutor Group: Year 9 RC Location (Room): ICT Lab B, building 3, first floor. CAS activity: Chess club on Tuesdays after school. Teaching Subjects: ICT & Maths Years spent in Thailand: 9 years (Since 2004) Why he came to Thailand: He came as a volunteer during the big tsunami. He stayed in Krabi for 2 months […]