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Spurs seeks revenge

Last week, the NBA Finals were won by the San Antonio Spurs, who beat Miami Heat 4-1. This earned the Spurs their fifth NBA championship. Game 1 was in San Antonio and on the day of the game at the AT and T Center in San Antonio, the air con failed to turn on and […]

Unexpected Results in the FIFA World Cup

One of the most popular sports is football and most people love to play it. So every four years, many countries gather together to compete in the FIFA World Cup. This year the FIFA World Cup is taking place in one of the World’s most famous footballing countries, Brazil. The Brazilians have a saying about […]

Best Badminton Result Ever

On Wednesday 7th May the SIS U13 and U15 Badminton teams competed against 11 schools for this TISAC event. “This was our best ever finish at a TISAC Badminton tournament,” said Ms Lucy. “The U13 team came 2nd overall and the U15 team came 3rd overall… Out of all 11 schools we were in 4 […]

TISAC Swimming Competition Best Ever for St. Stephen’s

The annual TISAC Swimming Competition took place on Wednesday 30th April at St.Andrews 71. Our school was one of the many schools that competed. Among the competition were: St. Andrew’s 71, St. John’s, Bangkok Prep, Charter, and a few other schools. Overall our school came third, which is a big success. “Many people won medals […]

Ks 1 Sport day

On the 20th of March ks 1 had a sport day! There was y 2 and year 1. They had running sprinting event and tennis ball throw and relays. The sprinting event was super close. They ran super quick quicker than ks 2 it was amazing. We know that Mr. Paul, Mr. Steve and Ms. […]


On 5th March 2014 KS2, KS1 and reception were doing our first walkathon of 2014. We were raising our money for the blind school in Bangkok. Lots of children worked very hard for money and we are very proud of them. In reception we heard that there is one child who walked for 39 laps that is amazing! Every child in KS2 walked at least 10 or more laps. In the walkathon we also wore wacky hats and fancy costumes. Every hat and costume looked fantastic. There was also the winner for the most beautiful hat! The winner in KS2 is Mont from Y5JT and Kelly from KS1.

Swimming Gala!

On 14th of March, we will have the swimming gala activity. The PE department are organizing these activities. This is the competition between Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6. This is the time for you to practice your swimming skills. Every year we have such good fun. We are so excited for this year’s swimming gala. […]