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Daddy-Long-Legs Book Review

Judy Abbott is one of the eldest orphans at the orphanage. Judy studies hard whenever someone pays the orphanage for education. Then one day a secret mysterious man pays the elder kids money for their college. He only pays for the boys’ college, not the girls’. This man refuses to pay for Judy’s college – […]

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash (Most Impossible Game Ever) Geometry dash is a very intense game which has been created by GEAR. GEAR is a very popular game creator because 1. They make very hard and impossible games that people rage on 2. This company created Flappy Bird the game everyone knows worldwide. Flappy bird got deleted because […]

My favourite game is QuizUp

My favourite is QuizUp because I like to answer quiz! There are lots of kind of quiz but I like Harry Potter, capital cities and even hobbit. If you like Taylor Swift you can play it too. There are so many quiz that you can’t count! There are levels too. When your levels get higher, the harder it will be! However if you are at level 1 and you race with level 74, the question will be for level 74.

This game is about time too! If we clicked it slow, you will get less than 10 points like 5. It has a timer for 10 second for 1 question.


My favourite game

My favorite game is Line Cookie run. Most of people who use line use to play this game. Line made lots of apps like cookie run, LINE ranger, LINE camera, LINE wing runner and so on. When I saw people played cookie run I was thinking why is it fun. So I just ignored my […]

Frozen Book and Film review

Frozen is a movie about two sisters who ruled over Arendell together. Elsa, the older sister has a magical power, whatever she touches, will be frozen. At the same time, her little sister is an ordinary girl, who was once injured because of her older sister’s magical powers. Because of this, they were forced to […]

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry hasn’t had a good summer at all. He hasn’t got any letters from his friends at Hogwarts. Then it was Harry’s birthday but he didn’t get any present. The Dursley did not react that today is Harry’s birthday. They said that the Masons, a rich builder, will have a dinner at their home. To […]

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

This story is about a wizard called Harry James Potter. At first, Harry hasn’t realized he is a wizard. His mother and father had passed away. Instead, he lived with Vernon Dursley, Petunia Dursley and Dudley Dursley. Vernon is Harry’s uncle and Petunia Dursley is his aunt. Dudley is their baby. They were all very mean to him. One day, there is one message sent to Harry. His uncle and aunt decided to take Harry and Dudley to a vacation. When they arrived at the hotel the receptionist told them that they found hundreds of messages had been sent to Harry Potter. Then Vernon and Petunia decided to take them to an enormous boat. Read More…