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The early humans

The Early Humans In Ice Age there were humans living there which look like us. What did they look like? -They got some hair on their body and they look like monkeys. Where are they in the world? -All over the place in this world. In fact, hunter-gatherers walked everywhere. Sometimes they stay in a […]

Double Headed Serpent

What is a double headed serpent?

Double headed serpent is a snake with two head at the front and the back.

Where the Double headed serpent was found?

It is found in Aztec.(modern Mexico)

What is it made from?

It made from golden sphere (the eye), woods that were cover with mosaic (turquoise), and some couch shell (white teeth) and Oyster shell (red lip).

How long is it?

It is 43cm long from nose to nose.

When was it made?

1,400 AD to 1,500 AD.