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My favourite game is QuizUp

My favourite is QuizUp because I like to answer quiz! There are lots of kind of quiz but I like Harry Potter, capital cities and even hobbit. If you like Taylor Swift you can play it too. There are so many quiz that you can’t count! There are levels too. When your levels get higher, the harder it will be! However if you are at level 1 and you race with level 74, the question will be for level 74.

This game is about time too! If we clicked it slow, you will get less than 10 points like 5. It has a timer for 10 second for 1 question.



Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry hasn’t had a good summer at all. He hasn’t got any letters from his friends at Hogwarts. Then it was Harry’s birthday but he didn’t get any present. The Dursley did not react that today is Harry’s birthday. They said that the Masons, a rich builder, will have a dinner at their home. To […]

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

This story is about a wizard called Harry James Potter. At first, Harry hasn’t realized he is a wizard. His mother and father had passed away. Instead, he lived with Vernon Dursley, Petunia Dursley and Dudley Dursley. Vernon is Harry’s uncle and Petunia Dursley is his aunt. Dudley is their baby. They were all very mean to him. One day, there is one message sent to Harry. His uncle and aunt decided to take Harry and Dudley to a vacation. When they arrived at the hotel the receptionist told them that they found hundreds of messages had been sent to Harry Potter. Then Vernon and Petunia decided to take them to an enormous boat. Read More…

Malaysia Airlines

 Malaysia Airlines was going to China from Malaysia’s capital city, Kuala Lumpur. The captain’s last signal was at the ocean in Vietnam before they arrived at China. When other people knew this news they quickly went to find the plane under the sea. Lots and lots of countries had to find the plane(one of them […]

The first primary football matches this year!

On Wednesday the 29th of February, the first football matches were on! The U11 boys and the U11 girls were both played at the same time.

The U11 girls were playing against St. Andrews Sukhumvit 71 meanwhile the boys were against Charter.

In the girls’ team the captain was Nana Y6CV/Mei Mei Y6RB (not sure check) and there were Wow Y5JT, I Rak Y5JT, Ya Ya Y5JT, Prim Y5JT, Sydney Y5JT Praewa Y6RB.

The boys’ were Oui-pern Y6CV, Mek Y5JT, Christ Y6CV, Mont Y5JT, Lib Y5KS, Jump Y5KS, Parm Y6RB, Luke Y5JT and Sairak Y6RB.

The U11 girls and St. Andrews got 0-0. Draw! Unfortunately the boys lost to Charter by 5-1.

“I can’t catch my breath!” Sydney panted after they raced together.

We hope they both win next time!

1st Boys Basketball match U13

On Tuesday 17th of September the St.Stephen boys were playing against the Concordians! People were really excited. Jump Y5KS,  Lib Y5KS, Panpan Y5KS, Indy Y6CV, Mont Y5JT, Sairak Y6RD, Parm Y6RB, Jebby Y6RB and Teak Y6RB.

Well, I know that they all tried their best but unfortunately they lost. The score was 0-20. “They are very good at shooting far distances,” said Mont.

Next time let’s hope that they can play better by practicing!

U11 Girls First Basketball Match!

On Thursday 26th of September, the first basketball match of this year started. It was St.Stephens versus Concordian!

 The team mates were Ice Y5JT, Wow Y5JT, Prae Y5KS, Anya Y6CV, Meimei Y6RB, Praewa Y6RB and the captain is Nana Y6CV.

However, let’s continue the match. The score was 18-16! WE WON! They were brilliant! Prae said “The match was not too difficult.” Lets hope that the girls can keep winning in their match next time!

Prim Y5JT