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Teacher’s Profile #2 : Ms.Nicola Venn

Name: Ms.Nicola Venn Gender: Female Tutor Group: Year 11 NV Location (Room): Science lab, building three, 3-2-07 CAS activity: She is in charge of CAS activities. Subject she teaches: Science – Biology Years spent in Thailand: 4 months. Why she came to Thailand: Loves travel and the food . Things she likes about Thailand: The […]

The Secondary Student Council

What is the student council? Student council is a group of students that share the ideas of each year group to others in order to improve the school. There are 2-3 representatives from each year group. They help organize school events and have meetings every Friday. What have we been doing? The student council have […]

Teacher’s profile #1: Mr.Ryan Coughlin

Name: Mr.Ryan Coughlin Gender: Male Tutor Group: Year 9 RC Location (Room): ICT Lab B, building 3, first floor. CAS activity: Chess club on Tuesdays after school. Teaching Subjects: ICT & Maths Years spent in Thailand: 9 years (Since 2004) Why he came to Thailand: He came as a volunteer during the big tsunami. He stayed in Krabi for 2 months […]