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Interview with Mr. Ted

What is your favorite hobby? Reading and playing guitar Who is your favorite singer/band? The Dandy Warhols and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club What is your favorite country? Thailand and India What is your favorite lesson to teach? I love teaching art Which culture do you like? Why? I like Thai culture, especially the Thai food […]

Interview Ms. Shan Shan

What is your favourite Thai food? Som Tam Pu.  Do you have any sisters or brothers? 1 brother.  Have you ever play any instruments? What is it? Gu zheng  (Chinese instrument)  What is your favorite hobby? Watch Movies, shopping, read book Which countries do you like the most? China, Korea, Japan What is your favorite […]

Christmas Story

 Kristy Fields was one of the most loving girls in Dover Street, who lived alone with her adorable, little puppy.She had gorgeous, tan hair and a secret locket that nobody knew about. The day before Christmas, she woke up very early because this was her favourite season of the year. She raced downstairs into the […]

The weirdest thing I’ve ever seen

When I marched in the classroom,

Trees ran lively with clovers.

Monkeys read books neatly,

While students teach teachers!

When I marched in the cafeteria,

Vampires flew everywhere.

Witches made evil spells,

And zombies walked backwards there!

I just don’t understand!!!

The Adventure of the Family Forest

In a village of the north of England there was a bronze, tall girl named Sunset who had always dreamed of fighting with people to win her golden medal. She was very kind and brave. She lived with father, mother and two twin sisters, Sunshine and Sunrise in a small wooden cottage. Her sisters had […]