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Has the Military taken over Thailand?

After the coup, many paid red shirts for the pro-government support (from Cambodia) struggled and fled back to Cambodia. Many illegal workers fled back to their home country because they don’t want to be caught by the military or police for illegally entering Thailand and working there, even though the military said it was only […]

Unexpected Results in the FIFA World Cup

One of the most popular sports is football and most people love to play it. So every four years, many countries gather together to compete in the FIFA World Cup. This year the FIFA World Cup is taking place in one of the World’s most famous footballing countries, Brazil. The Brazilians have a saying about […]

Caelum et Inferno

Everybody loves the end of the school year and that is why we need a celebration. Prom is a sort of party where you can come to dance, eat and play games. Sometimes you can go with someone you like and the best thing is that no parents are allowed! Tam Tam in Year 11 said, […]

Scrapbook CAS

In scrapbooking, layers are one of the most important things to remember. Your scrapbook has to be creative and it can either be full of colours, or black and white. Scrapbooking is a great way to record memories in a fun and creative way. It doesn’t have to have much writing in it. In this […]