The Hedgehog From Hell

Snuffle,snuffle,snuffle. An array of hedgehogs was walking towards a house. Gunter was watching television when there was suddenly there was a phone call. When he picked up he said “Hello?” but there was no answer except for the sound snuffle. “Hello?” he said one more time. “Oh forget it this must be a joke.” Suddenly there was a knock on the door. It continued until he answer.There was nobody in sight. There are burn marks on his map and his leg felt like something was biting him, prickling him and burning him. It was so painful having to handle it all. His brain says “Scream! Scream for your life or Scream like you have never scream before.” He decided to take the advice his brain is giving. His scream could be heard from miles away. The closed his eyes hoping for it to stop but it wouldn’t. He felt cold colder than his house. So he opened his eye. All he could see was very blurry. He saw red round things surrounding him and something red with spikes which looked like a hedgehog. “Nonsense” he thought “How could hedgehogs be red?’’ His pain started to hurt more and more because the red things are now moving closer and closer to him. They are now shaking him. He screamed and screamed until he was in his room on the floor and screaming. His legs are full of bite marks and burn marks. He have woke the whole neighborhood up in the middle of the night. On the news a guy said “ Last an array of hedgehogs are walking towards a house. An witness says that she couldn’t believe her eyes and that the hedgehogs look like the hedgehogs from hell. This a sight you are attack by the hedgehogs you will have a night mares about them, when you wake up you will have bite marks and burn marks and you will be having this nightmare over and over again.” “This couldn’t be true’” Gunter thought “I couldn’t believe it! I was attacked by the hedgehogs from hell.”


About Mok :)

Hi everyone. I live in Bangkok,Thailand. I studying in St. Stephen's International school Bangkok and I'm in year 5/KS. My favourite subject is Art,ICT and IPC. I like to eat chocolate and I love animals I have a little brother called Mek. My BFF name is Bonus. My favorite teacher is miss Katherine.

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