The future has arrived! In the form of glasses!

Hello, today we are going to talk about Google Glasses and their special features.

Description of Google Glasses

Tiny but powerful hardware, the Google team managed to squeeze all of its features into a tiny computer. Google Glasses shows its screen by projecting an image onto a piece of glass that is held in front of the glasses’ lens, which you can order from the internet.

Its features are:

  • Taking pictures at 5 mega pixels and videos at 720 pixels
  • Playing music
  • Syncing to the phone
  • Make phone calls (must be connected to the phone)
  • Give directions using Google maps
  • Searching
  • Voice command
  • It has 5 hours of battery life (before charging)
  • 16GB of storage
  • Prism projector
This is a simple preview of the glass.

This is a simple preview of the glass.


The glass is very easy to command, you can just say ‘OK GLASS’, tilting your head up and put a command or tapping on the touchpad on the right side 2 times with 2 fingers. You can also interact with the glass by sliding your finger on the touchpad.

This is how glass work

This is how glass work

Downsides (from opinions):

  • It is uncomfortable
  • Too expensive
  • Hard to maintain
  • Can cause accidents
  • Not popular yet
  • Block visibility

For more information on this exciting piece of technology, watch this video.

Written by Beauty, Year 7



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