Spurs seeks revenge

Last week, the NBA Finals were won by the San Antonio Spurs, who beat Miami Heat 4-1. This earned the Spurs their fifth NBA championship.

The game is on

Tim Duncan and Lebron James

Game 1 was in San Antonio and on the day of the game at the AT and T Center in San Antonio, the air con failed to turn on and inside the stadium it was extremely hot.

At the end of the first quarter the Spurs were up 26 to 20, and maintained their lead to halftime 54 to 49.

However, the Heat regained the lead and were winning by the end of the third quarter,78 to 74.

In the last quarter, star player Lebron James had severe cramps in his leg. The Spurs used this as an advantage and fought back through and won, 110 to 95.

Tim Duncan led the Spurs to their win with 21 points and 10 rebounds.

Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan

In game 2 Miami tied the series 1 to 1. Lebron James led the Heat to their win with 35 points and 10 rebounds and only just winning the game by 2 points, 98 to 96.

Miami, hoping to win game 3, were immediately shut down by the Spurs, winning every quarter. In this game, Leonard earned a career high of 29 points and also made a NBA Finals record of 75.8% shooting effort. The Spurs ended up with 111 points and the Heat with 92.

Game 4 was won yet again, by San Antonio, who definitely made sure of their win, winning by 21 points, 107 to 86, with Kawhi Leonard  leading the Spurs with 14 rebounds and 20 points.

Miami heat

Miami heat

The fifth game was the final game, with San Antonio winning it 104 to 87. This finals series earned the Spurs a place among the Top NBA championships won. This was an unbelievable win and the Spurs had to overcome their loss against the Heat last year.

Tim Duncan, key player of the Spurs, commented on his team’s feat, “to come back from last year and to have another chance to get it done this year, it’s an unbelievable feeling.”

To get more on his interview click here.

Written by Jeremy, Year 7



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