Do you have your Prom ticket yet?

promTo celebrate the end of the school year,the student council are organising an end of year Prom for the secondary students.It will be held on Saturday 28th of June at the Rajapruek Sports Club.Tickets cost 1,500 baht and to buy a ticket you must go see OuiLing in Year 9.

The theme of the Prom is Heaven and Hell.To know what group you have to come dressed up as,there is a lucky draw where you draw out a black or a white wooden stick once you buy your ticket.If you got a white stick you are heaven and if black you are hell.People who drew out heaven have to wear a white or light coloured clothes and people who drew out hell have to wear dark coloured clothes.

At prom there will be games and prize for people to win.The prizes last year were just normal things but the biggest prize you can get is an iPod.There will also be an competition for people who wear the same colour shirt as your theme to win another big prize.

There will also be food and drinks that the sports club will provide.You can also order your own food if you like but they will charge you.

“I’m sure it will be lots of fun!”said Regina.

Written By: KK and Barali


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