BREAKING NEWS: Curfew finally stopped across Thailand


The curfew was lifted on 13th June.

General Prayuth Chanocha announced that the curfew would end on13th of June but political protests of the coup is still banned.

The curfew, which happened since last month till the 13th has stopped because the situation in the country is calming and everyday life is going on as normal for tourists as well as local residents. The tourist areas are now ok for tourists to visit.

After the curfew was lifted from all of the provinces in Thailand, all of the business, factories and facilities have been business as usual and everything is back as normal. Hotel and tourists operations are running normally.

Tourist visits have increased since the lifting of the curfew.

Dan Moore, a 40 year old visitor from England, said “This is a party city, that’s why we’re here.”

Mr. Thawatchai Arunyik, TAT Governor said, “The nationwide lifting of the curfew shows the world that things are moving forward here in Thailand and that tourism has not been disrupted.”

Written by Ethan, Year 7



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