Military against Taxi mafia gangs


On June 19 2014 at Suvarnabhumi, taxi mafia gangs offended the military vows. They said they wanted to get more money so they would only accept long trips.

Maj Gen Nirandorn Samutsakhon (commander of the 11th Military circle) said “From now on, drivers will have to accept the passengers they get. They cannot choose them. But it is possible that a system will be worked out where those who get short distance passengers will be allowed to make more trips. ”

Taxi drivers who are registered with the airport can pick up passengers at the Suvarnabhumi twice a day. Maj Gen Nirandorn Samutsakhon said that about 7,000 taxis are registered but only 3,000 turn up regularly.

There are also reports about passengers being left stranded, overcharged or lured into illegal activities.

Maj Gen Nirandorn Samutsakhon said that he will call a meeting with taxi cooperatives and parties to discuss about the problem.



Written by Fair year 7


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