Daddy-Long-Legs Book Review

Daddy Long Legs

The latest book cover

Judy Abbott is one of the eldest orphans at the orphanage. Judy studies hard whenever someone pays the orphanage for education. Then one day a secret mysterious man pays the elder kids money for their college. He only pays for the boys’ college, not the girls’.


The book was adapted into a musical

This man refuses to pay for Judy’s college – ONLY if she writes to him every month and becomes an author in the future.

Judy decides to call him Daddy-Long-Legs because of his long and skinny legs. Whenever he visits the orphanage, she only sees the shadow of his legs, never his face.

jean webster

Jean Webster, the author

Whenever Judy writes there is no sign of the mysterious man. Judy enjoys writing to him so badly, she can not control herself to stop. Sometimes she gets annoyed by him not answering her but she still really enjoys writing.


The secret mysterious man never answers Judy’s letters even after Judy has graduated.

I really like this book because the way Judy writes her letters to the mysterious man, she writes funny things about her life. My favourite part of the book was when Judy starts to notice that someone is paying for her college, she was very shocked and confused. I recommend this book for girls because sometimes Judy talks about girl things to her unknown dad.

old cover

The original book cover


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