Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash (Most Impossible Game Ever)

Geometry dash is a very intense game which has been created by GEAR. GEAR is a very popular game creator because 1. They make very hard and impossible games that people rage on 2. This company created Flappy Bird the game everyone knows worldwide. Flappy bird got deleted because too much people take it to seriously making the game have more downloads then ever. Geometry dash is a game where you get to pick a square based character that you can choose color. As I told you this game is extremely hard and stressful you have to jump over obstacles it’s like Cookie run but a million times harder even the first level is extremely hard but it makes you improve every time, you would probably take 8O+ lives in winning a level/stage. So many You Tubers post themselves playing this game such as: PewDiePie, lonniedos and many more You Tubers and when they post these videos they rage on this game.


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