Oliver Twist – End of Year Production at SIS

At SIS there is an upcoming play ‘Oliver twist’ which will be performed on June 17th and 18th 2014.


Oliver twist is about a young orphan boy who runs away from the orphanage since he got in trouble for asking for more food. he ends up living with a group of boys who are trained professionals at pickpocketing by an old mentor.


Oliver will be played by Copter from year 9, other characters will be played by Tigger from year 8 as Fagin, Mink from year 8 as Dodger, Pun pun from year 8 as Nancy and last but not least Andrew from year 8 as Bill. The bands will be playing as well, songs that will be used in the play are it’s time,consider yourself,pick a pocket,stay,demons,little talks and use somebody.


“So far the rehearsals has been very good, the students are learning their lines, they’re getting used to the set,   i was quite lucky  to be able to build the set on the stage so they can actually practice on the stage , and i feel confident that in a couple of weeks it should be pretty much perfect” said from Mr Kirk, one of the directors from the production.


The play is expected to be about over 90 minutes or about an hour and a half. Mr Kirk hopes that people would come and watch the play since a lot of hard work has been put in by a lot of people.


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