The FIRST Ever Reduce Reuse Recycle Day

The Reduce Reuse Recycle is a day to celebrate reducing,reusing and recycling to help us realise how wasteful we are. The event is happening on Wednesday 28th May from 3:00-4:00. It involves a recycled fashion show led by Ms.Sueann and the Year 8’s.There is also a Year 9 recycled game booth and a swap shop run by the parents.


The swap shop is for bringing in unwanted stuff and swapping it for something else you might want instead of going shopping. So you swap instead of shop! Posters have already been put up around the school to encourage more people to participate in the event.

 A lot of hard work has been put into this event so please show up and have fun.

“I’m looking forward to the fashion show, the swap shop and the games so basically everything” Kat Year 8

“I am hoping that lots of parents will show up and everyone has a great time. I also hope that people will have learnt a little more reducing, reusing and recycling” Ms. Alison Morakot



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