Interview with Mr.Chris Whitfield

Mr. Chris in his office

Mr. Chris in his office

 Mr. Chris is our former Principal who joined us again last year. He left St. Stephen’s 3 years ago when he decided to retire. The main reason Mr. Chris  came back was because Mr. David Taylor was very ill and could not continue  work. The school director decided to invite Mr. Chris back because they knew  he would have suggestions on how to improve the school. Mr. Chris wanted to help by working as the Principal until the school could find a new replacement.

 Mr. Chris is looking forward to seeing his wife, children and grandchildren when  he gets back to England. His wife, Ms. Julia, taught ESL when she was here  last time. He said that he is going to miss us all and will remember us. He thinks the  students are very well behaved and friendly.

 After Mr. Chris retired from St. Stephen’s the first time, he went to another school in England which invited him to work for  them as a principal, but he only worked there for a year because he wanted to retire. Running a school is very hard work!

Mr. Chris with the staff

Mr. Chris with the staff

Thank you Mr. Chris for all the work you have done for us for the past few years.

By: Barali and Mild Year 7TJ (x)


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