Frozen Book and Film review

frozen book

Frozen is a movie about two sisters who ruled over Arendell together. Elsa, the older sister has a magical power, whatever she touches, will be frozen. At the same time, her little sister is an ordinary girl, who was once injured because of her older sister’s magical powers. Because of this, they were forced to leave separately.

Elsa was given a pair of gloves to stop her power working. After their parents’ death, Elsa was to rule over Arendell alone, when the 2 sisters met again on Coronation Day. At the celebration, Anna met Prince Hans and they fell in love, but without Elsa’s permission, they couldn’t get married.  Elsa said, ” You can’t marry a man you just met.”

Anna was so upset by what Elsa said, that she pulled off Elsa’s gloves in anger, and as a result, the whole town was magically covered with snow. Feeling embarrassed, Elsa ran away from Arendell, and Anna followed her up the north mountain. Elsa set her power free and built a palace truly made of ice.

On her journey to find her sister, Anna met Kristoff and Sven, the Reindeer.They went up to the north mountain together until they met Olaf (a snowman Elsa and Anna built together). Luckily Olaf knew where to find Elsa, so they continue on their journey to find her. If you would like to find out how the story ends, you can watch the film or read the book!

By: Pepper and Mint



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