TISAC Swimming Competition Best Ever for St. Stephen’s

TISAC Swimming Barali

Barali from our school came third in the 50m backstroke.

The annual TISAC Swimming Competition took place on Wednesday 30th April at St.Andrews 71.

Our school was one of the many schools that competed. Among the competition were: St. Andrew’s 71, St. John’s, Bangkok Prep, Charter, and a few other schools.

Overall our school came third, which is a big success.

“Many people won medals but to do better we must practice more, because our school doesn’t have the best swimming facility,”  said Bun, a Year 7 student.

Barali, a student in Year 7 also, said “It went quite well considering we didn’t  practice as much as the others did.”

Students participated from Year 7 all the way to Year 10. Here is a list of the students who participated:

  • Year 7s – Barali, Knew, Bun, Ging, Jeremy JJ, TT and Oan;
  • Year 8s – Ken, Drake, O-por, Suay;
  • Year 9s – Top, Max, Nicholas, Cha-em and Kelly;
  • Year 10s – Jame, Jaa & Fluke.

“Barali was the only student from our school to win an Individual medal,” Mr. Steve said.
Our school came second in most of the relays because there were only 2 schools entering.

It is important to remember that TISAC Swimming is a great opportunity to compete with other schools; we can challenge ourselves and collaborate with others. Of course, we can have fun too!


One response to “TISAC Swimming Competition Best Ever for St. Stephen’s”

  1. marleyd2013 says :

    Well done! Excellent results (and great story too)!

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