Scrapbook CAS


My first scrapbook page

In scrapbooking, layers are one of the most important things to remember. Your scrapbook has to be creative and it can either be full of colours, or black and white. Scrapbooking is a great way to record memories in a fun and creative way. It doesn’t have to have much writing in it.

In this CAS activity, we get to do our scrapbook on the topics of our choice on A3 paper. It starts at 3pm and ends at 4pm. This CAS is run by Ms. Erica.

Scrapbooking is fun and many people enjoy it. I am also in this club, along with Barali, Mild, Pepper, Kelly, Mew Y9, Mew Y7, Knew, Nann, Ploy, Minnie and Baiploo.


This Barali’s first scrapbook page

“I think scrapbooking is really fun and we get to do more creative things, unlike some other CAS activities.” Pepper 7SP


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I'm Bun from Year 7SG!

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