Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry hasn’t had a good summer at all. He hasn’t got any letters from his friends at Hogwarts. Then it was Harry’s birthday but he didn’t get any present. The Dursley did not react that today is Harry’s birthday. They said that the Masons, a rich builder, will have a dinner at their home.

To be continue…

The positive side is fun (again) and it is exciting (again).

The negative side is that it is very boring at the start



About prim755

My name is Prim. I am in Y5JT at SIS Bangkok. I am addicted to Harry Potter books >_< ^0^ and I love reading books. My favourite character in Harry Potter is Hermione Granger! I have one sister called Fah. I love animals!!!!! I hate dead fishes :( ! My favourite food is OTORO SASHIMIIIIIIIII! My favourite3 movie is Depicable Me! I can play lots of instruments! Without question, my house are full of instruments.

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