Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

This story is about a wizard called Harry James Potter. At first, Harry hasn’t realized he is a wizard. His mother and father had passed away. Instead, he lived with Vernon Dursley, Petunia Dursley and Dudley Dursley. Vernon is Harry’s uncle and Petunia Dursley is his aunt. Dudley is their baby. They were all very mean to him. One day, there is one message sent to Harry. His uncle and aunt decided to take Harry and Dudley to a vacation. When they arrived at the hotel the receptionist told them that they found hundreds of messages had been sent to Harry Potter. Then Vernon and Petunia decided to take them to an enormous boat.   Later they entered the boat at the harbor. When they got on the boat, there was a dangerous storm! At night Harry couldn’t sleep. Suddenly an immense figure appeared at the window of Harry’s bedroom. It was a giant with black beards. He said that Harry was a wizard. Then Harry believed the giant. He was called Hagrid. He slept with Harry. The next morning there was an owl that gave Hagrid a newsletter. Hagrid needed to pay some money that Harry had never seen before. Then they set of to the shopping town called Diagon Alley. Hagrid waited for Harry to get his robes. When Harry went inside, he saw a boy with golden hair. He said he want to be in a house called Slytherin. He wasn’t very nice. When Harry finished, he went back to Hagrid and he took Harry to a bank called Gringotts. The security guards were goblins. Harry need to pay some money for Hogwarts. Hogwarts is a school for wizard and witch. He needed to learn there so Harry need to get some money. When they came back, Harry saw a broomstick. It was called The Nimbus Two Thousand. He wanted one but Hagrid said no. It was his birthday so Hagrid brought a snowy owl called Hedwig. He continued to buy things then he met a professor in Defense against The Dark Arts called Quirrel. He talked to him for a while. The next day, Harry went to Kings Cross station. He saw that the number of his station was 9 and three quarters. Hagrid showed the way. He met a twin called Fred Weasley and George Weasley. They took them to their little brother called Ron. Then they met a girl called Hermione Granger. Before they learn anything, they need to sort into the groups. Harry was in a group called Gryffindor and Ron too. When they got to school, Harry learnt how to use a broom stick. He knew the name of the bad boy which is Draco Malfoy. Now Harry were best friends with Ron. Now Harry was selected to be a Gryffindor quidditch player. He was bought a Nimbus two thousand. At Christmas, Harry got an invisibility cloak. It makes him invisible. That night, he went to the library. He saw  mirror. When he looked inside, he saw his mum and dad. He saw Albus Dumbledore. Now read it yourself, I won’t tell you anymore. This is a very exciting book. Keep reading all the series! Meet you again next time.   Image   Prim


About prim755

My name is Prim. I am in Y5JT at SIS Bangkok. I am addicted to Harry Potter books >_< ^0^ and I love reading books. My favourite character in Harry Potter is Hermione Granger! I have one sister called Fah. I love animals!!!!! I hate dead fishes :( ! My favourite food is OTORO SASHIMIIIIIIIII! My favourite3 movie is Depicable Me! I can play lots of instruments! Without question, my house are full of instruments.

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