Malaysia Airlines

 Malaysia Airlines was going to China from Malaysia’s capital city, Kuala Lumpur. The captain’s last signal was at the ocean in Vietnam before they arrived at China. When other people knew this news they quickly went to find the plane under the sea. Lots and lots of countries had to find the plane(one of them was Thailand). No one know where they are now maybe fell down? However when the people working at the airport they called the captain but the talking machine was closed by stranger but before the machine closed someone said “see you”. Who was it? Now they are trying to find the airplane but no one has seen it. It was a very hard work.

By: Yaya Y5JT




About prim755

My name is Prim. I am in Y5JT at SIS Bangkok. I am addicted to Harry Potter books >_< ^0^ and I love reading books. My favourite character in Harry Potter is Hermione Granger! I have one sister called Fah. I love animals!!!!! I hate dead fishes :( ! My favourite food is OTORO SASHIMIIIIIIIII! My favourite3 movie is Depicable Me! I can play lots of instruments! Without question, my house are full of instruments.

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