Advice for school!

Are you bored to organize your backpack over and over again?

Are you too lazy for that?

Did you know how to survive in this situation?

Well if you don’t listen to me!

This week subject will be about How to organize your backpack!

This is good for Primary school, Middle school and high school.

If you are homeschooling student you don’t need to have backpack.

Anyway, let’s get started!

First, to organize your backpack ,you should clean out your backpack.

Next, you need to sort your things out. You can do what you want and what you don’t want.

After that, take ‘what I want’ pile and organize it in your backpack.


If you put the biggest thing such as folder or binder in your backpack first, put other things such as pencil case or dictionary last your backpack will look so much better.

When you’re done just zip your back and you’re ready for tomorrow!

So that’s it for ‘Advice for School’. Remember always organize your backpack. Especially after you  have done your homework your backpack will look very messy. So keep organizing!

If you want to know what is next week subject, visit our SIS WordPress next week!


About I-Rak ;)

Hi!, My name is I-Rak, I'm 9 years old and I live in Thailand. I'm learning in St.Stephen's International School Bangkok. I have 1 big sister and 1 little sister called Fa-Sai and I-Aoon. I'm studying in newspaper club with Ms. Katherine and my friends. I'm from Y5JT and my favourite subject is P.E.,Art,ICT. I am talkative person and I love to talk with my friend but not while I'm in the lesson!

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