SIS Rock TISAC Battle of the Bands @ KIS

The Old Days

The Old Days

Yesterday, Ms Ruth and I had the pleasure of supporting four bands at the annual TISAC Battle of the Bands at KIS.

The Old Days collected third prize for Secondary Band, rocking their way to victory with covers from Paramore and Muse. The judges liked their song choices and variety – from pitchy pop-punk ‘Play God’ to the more metalhead ‘Hysteria.’

Restless Hour

Restless Hour

Restless Hour danced their way through Bruno Mars’ ‘Treasure’ and ended their set with Lawson’s ‘Standing in the Dark.’ Despite a tight set and charisma on stage, Ms Ruth said the judges were biased for choosing home-band Hazard, overall winners of last year’s event.

The competition was fierce and nerve-wracking for Six Souer and Dreamscape as they performed their first sets in front of a live audience of strangers.

In total, there were 23 bands from 11 different schools in the Bangkok area.

Ms Ruth felt very positive about the experience, however:

Dreamscape and Six Souer competed in the Lower Secondary category.  It was the first time they had entered the competition and were up against 8 other bands.  The standard was very high and the bands are to be congratulated on their effort and bravery.  The KIS concert hall is much bigger than ours and it was a real challenge to go out on the stage and perform to a crowded hall full of strangers…. And 3 judges.  Both the bands performed very well and it was a great experience.  They now know what to expect and will be ready for next year.


Dreamscape is: Earn (keyboards), Phraeo (saxaphone), Ken (drums), Pun Pun & Opor (vocals), Mai (vioin), Beam, Miu Miu & Suay (guitar)


Playing Green Day’s ’21 Guns’



Six Souer – Rhu & Chester on guitar,
Maprang singing


Six Souer – Guitar, Copter, Rhu, Karn, Shin, Soi,
Chester & Maprang


SixSouer – Copter and Nine are clearly natural performers!

 The Old Days and Restless Hour competed in the Secondary category against 10 other bands.  This category was of an extremely high standard with many bands competing for the second or third time.  There were bands there that had been placed in previous years as well as bands who had won the competition in the past.  The Old Days, who won our internal SIS battle a few weeks ago, were awarded third place – congratulations!  They will still be able to enter this category next year and it will be very exciting to see how they do. 


The Old Days – Noom & Cherie warming up the audience


The Old Days are Paint (drums), Mew (guitar), Noom (vocals) & Cherie (bass).

image image

Watch out for this band next year!

A special mention must go to Restless Hour who are now all in Year 11.  They have set a fantastic example to younger students and have been playing and performing at a high standard at St Stephen’s for many years.  They have always been enthusiastic and willing to perform and I am very grateful for that.  If I had my way, Restless Hour would certainly have won a prize.


Pun on guitar, Nat on vocals and Pong keeping the beat on drums during ‘Treasure’


Backup dancers Tee and Tam Tam


Pun playing a face-melting riff


The Dynamic Duo –
Tee on guitar and Tam Tam on bass


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