Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrel

The Japanese dwarf flying squirrel’s body is 14–20 cm long and the tail length is 10–14 cm. It can weigh to 150–220 g. It has large eyes and a flattened tail. Its body was covered with grey brown fur but its belly is white.  During the day, it rests in a hole in a tree. It eats seeds, fruit, tree leaves and buds.It can leap from tree to tree using a gliding membrane called the patagium. The patagium works as a wingsuit enabling it to maneuver and glide through. It was also called a Momonga. It was found only in parts of Japan and it lives in mountainous and evergreen forests. It’s scientific name is Pteromys Momonga. As a species of flying squirrel, the Japanese drawft flying squirrel glides from treetop to treetop with its “wings.”  They can also be kept as pets.

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