The School Production and Backstage Club are run by Ms. Jennifer and Mr. Kirk. These two clubs work together to create a play.

The purpose of the Backstage Club is to help the School Production Club, who is all about acting and putting on the play Oliver Twist. The jobs for the backstage people are painting the set in the play, make the props, and think about the script and the songs. The people in the School Production Club are practicing the plays and the songs, ready for the show that will be coming soon. These two clubs are very popular, there are about over 50 people in the club. People are working in a group of students from many year groups, so they can know more people in the school.

Oui-Ling in Year 9 said, “The club provides the student with a new role in the school production, we get to help designing the set, make them and also look and edit the script. The backstage club consists of over 30 students from a range of year groups which means we can get to know more about other year groups and make more friends.”


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Hi! My name is Meena.I am a student in Year 9. I am doing the CAS activity section on the SIS student's news.

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