The Fault in our Stars Book Review

The Fault in our stars is young-aFault in our Stars--Coverdult-fiction written by John Green. It is the fourth standalone novel by this author and was published in 2012. In this year, it was announced that the book will be adapt into a film and is set to star Shailene Woodley as Hazel; Ansel Elgort as Augustus; and Nat Wolff as Isaac.

The book was narrated by a 16 year old teenage girl, Hazel, who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer with tumors forming in her lungs since she was 13. At the age of 16, Hazel was forced to attend a cancer support group. There, she met Isaac, a 17 year old boy with eye cancer and a few weeks later she met Augustus, a friend of Isaac who had lost one of his legs to osteosarcoma and was now in remission. Later that day when the support group ended, Hazel recommended “An Imperial Affliction”, her favourite book to Augustus- Augustus was obsessed with this book like Hazel was when he finished it. However, the book ended with a cliff hanger, as Anna, the character in the book which the story was written from her perspective, died before the book can be finished. Hazel and Augustus then emailed the author of the book, Peter Van Houten, and asked for the asked for the book’s sequel, but Peter refused to give any detail about the book unless they are in person.

“An Imperial Affliction” brought Hazel and Augustus closer together as they spent more time together, resulting in a deep relationship between them two. Augustus then contacted the Genies, a foundation that grants sick kids one wish, on going to Amsterdam with Hazel to visit Peter. They, along with Hazel’s mom ended up going to Amsterdam, but they were disappointed when they visited Peter and found out that he’s an alcoholic who didn’t even realized that they were coming. Peter doesn’t answered any of Hazel and Augustus’s questions but although this happened, Hazel and Augustus had a great time together at Amsterdam. When they were back, Gus revealed to Hazel that he had had cancer again and it was now spreading all over his body…

I first became interested in reading the book when I saw it on the “best- seller” shelf in a bookstore. The first impression I had was that the cover looked very interesting. I then picked up the book and read the blurb, and instantly, I become attracted to the book. At school, I unexpectedly found this book on a shelf and I quickly borrowed it. The first few chapters weren’t that interesting, but once I kept reading on and on, I was immediately drawn to the book. The story has a simple plot- I don’t think that this book has the best plot comparing to other books, but what makes this book so mind- blowing and emotional was that John Green has a way of writing the story and phrasing the sentence that makes it unputdownable. I like how the story takes on the subject of cancer, in a truly unique and sweet way, unlike other cancer book which focused mainly on the disease.

The book makes me love the characters much, especially Hazel, Augustus and even Isaac. The characters seemed very real and the way they express their feeling is incredible. Reading this book, I felt like I had connected with the characters and have understood their feelings- the book has it ways of telling the honest truth of what it feels like to die and the weird hearts of the human beings. Moreover, what strikes me the most about this book is that the story is very genuine. It’s simple, humorous and depressing all at the same time. I also like how the novel is very deep, and how it deals with tragedy and happiness. Furthermore, there are lots of quotes in this book that I liked a lot. My favorite one is “It’s a metaphor, see: You put the killing thing right between your teeth, but you don’t give it the power to do its killing.”  


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