Teacher’s Profile #3: Ms.Sueann Plenkovich

MS. Sueann (headstand)

Name: Ms. Sueann Plenkovich

Gender: Female

Tutor: 7 SP

Location (Room): Art room, 3-3-11

CAS Activity: Yoga

Subject she teaches and why: Art because she likes to help students and see who they are

Time spent in Thailand: 6 months

Why she came to Thailand & why she likes it here: The tropical climate

Childhood dream: To be a marathon runner

Favourite food: She likes spicy food a little; her favourite Thai food is Som-tum, papaya salad (ส้มตำ)

Favourite colour: Prussian blue because it is very mysterious

Hobbies: Yoga, making art

Languages she knows: English, Bahasa Indonesian, and Spanish

Favourite animal: Caterpillars because of its transformation

Least favourite subject: Accounting

Favourite movie: Nuavareinas

Favourite book: A Fine Balance- Rhointon Minstly

Favourite Song: Anything that is written by Ludovico Enaudi

Nicknames her friends call her: Plenks

Musical Instruments: Piano

Country she would like to visit: Ecuador

Please visit the new Art Department website


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Hi! I am a student in Year 9. My favourite colour is blue. I hope you enjoy our news!

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