Lost in the Jungle – by Wow

One sunny afternoon, there was a boy called Carter. He was planning to go to America. Today was the day that he will go. He was so excited to see America. When the plane went up Carter felt very excited. At that moment a huge storm and a lightning were covering the sky. The airplane started to fall down then the oxygen mask popped up in front of Carter’s face. Carter quickly wore the oxygen mask and started to breathe quickly too. But it was too late; the plane fell down and hit the ground hard. But amazingly Carter flew over the sky from the plane and hit the sea hard but luckily Carter still had his life vest. Carter was hurt badly so he had a little rest on the sea. Then he swam to the island. He thought that there would be lots of people that survived but actually there’s no one except him. So he wrote some gigantic letters on the sand. It said ‘S.O.S’ (Save Our Souls). Then he was very thirsty so he looked for some water to drink and then he also found some fruits to eat. He found some bananas on the trees and berries falling down from the bush. He saw an enormous waterfall so he drank all the water. After that, he started to find some woods and the little bits of the metal that came from the plane. He made a tree house so that the animals couldn’t come in. When it is night time, Carter fell asleep with his mouth open. On the beautiful morning Carter was very hot so he swam in the fresh waterfall then he heard a helicopter flying above his head. Carter was super happy that he could go home and stay with his family again. When he got back home he thought that he liked the island where he survived alone. So he thought that he could take his family to stay on that island for 5 days with his things. He went there and he stayed with his family happily together.


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About katherine091085

I am a year 5 teacher and Literacy Coordinator at St. Stephen's International School in Bangkok, Thailand. I am also the leader of the Primary SIS News club and look forward to helping my students create an interesting and informative news website, made by the students, for the students!

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