Interview Ms. Shan Shan

What is your favourite Thai food?

Som Tam Pu.

 Do you have any sisters or brothers?

1 brother.

 Have you ever play any instruments? What is it?

Gu zheng  (Chinese instrument)

 What is your favorite hobby?

Watch Movies, shopping, read book

Which countries do you like the most?

China, Korea, Japan

What is your favorite song?

He Tang Yue Se (Chinese song)

 Why did you come to St.Stephen’s?

I like to stay with children.

When you were young, what do you want to be?



About mook953

Hi, I am Mook. I am in Y5 at St.Stephen's school. I really love reading books like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Geronimo Silton and other Creative books.Without questions, my house is now turning into a library!!! My teacher, Mr. Ted, loves teaching about numeracy. ( Maths )

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