Primary Sport Day 2014!

On the 21st of January 2014, SIS school we had primary sport day! Y3 to Y6 had a lot of fun. We had a lot of races. SIS school now doesn’t use the house team names anymore. Instead we had some names of different countries to be the name of the teams.

The PE department and the class teachers were in charge of this sport day.  We had different activities such as high jump, long jump, basketball push, tennis ball throw, running races and relay races.

“It was very fun! Congratulations to China! They’ve won!” Jerry said (Student in Y5JT).

When it was break time Mr.Paul (Our PE teacher) played some famous songs such as Gangnam style, The Fox, etc.

My favorite race was the high jump race and 2 lap races. I also loved the relay races .I liked those activities because they were very challenging and I had such a great fun. We hope that next year sport day will be more fun and challenging activities for us to play again!

We want to say a BIG thank you to PE department for organizing these fun activities. Also they put a lot of hard work in this year sport day!



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About I-Rak ;)

Hi!, My name is I-Rak, I'm 9 years old and I live in Thailand. I'm learning in St.Stephen's International School Bangkok. I have 1 big sister and 1 little sister called Fa-Sai and I-Aoon. I'm studying in newspaper club with Ms. Katherine and my friends. I'm from Y5JT and my favourite subject is P.E.,Art,ICT. I am talkative person and I love to talk with my friend but not while I'm in the lesson!

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