10 Reasons Why YOU Should Read MORE!

Read More BooksAs you all know, I am an English teacher and I love reading. Books have always been a great way to escape from school, work and other things that drive me crazy. I love that every book is different, and I’m never really sure what will happen. Many times I have read a book more than once, simply because I had forgotten that I already read it! keep-calm-and-read-more-books-1 The other day, while browsing the internet, I found this great blog that reminds us to keep reading. I want to share it with all the students, staff and parents at SIS.

10 Reasons Why Reading is Important by ‘Every Day is an Adventure’

Did you know that reading makes you smarter?  Students who read for pleasure often do better in maths and other subjects, because their brains are more adept at problem solving. Plus, their word base or vocabulary is much more advanced than non-readers’.


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