How to save money at Christmas while showing people you care?

Christmas is originally a religious day when Christians commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.  But as time has passed it has change into a celebration day where people spend time with their families and love ones, and where kids are waiting for their Santa to give them presents. During this time of the year, most people spend a lot of money to celebrate Christmas on food, decorations, etc. but actually without realizing they could have spent Christmas in the ‘low-cost’ way. Here are some advices to celebrate Christmas but at the same time save your money:

  • Family activities – You should spend time with your family and do activities together. For example, bake cookies together or watch your favourite Christmas movies with them. Christmas Cookie recipes here.


List of some Family Christmas movies:

  1. The Nightmare Before Christmas
  2. The Polar Express
  3. Elf
  4. A Christmas Carol
  5. A Charlie Brown Christmas
  • Make you own gift – You can make your own homemade gift to give it to your love ones.

Here are some ideas:

  • Christmas cards
  • Paper craft
  • Writing poem/ short story

More Homemade Christmas gift ideas click here.


  • Free holiday events – You could do a web search for free holiday events/activities near your town/city. This way you will be able to spend Christmas with your love ones and other people. A big celebration together. Here are some Christmas activities that will happen in Bangkok. Click here.


  • Decorate with homemade decorations – Make your own decorations by cutting out colourful papers into your desire Christmas shapes and stick them around your house. You could also knit small socks to hang around the house. Other ideas for decoration click here.

Homemade-Christmas-paper-ornaments      1212_xmasdec_christmaswall

  • Attend church services – If you’re not even Catholic or Christian, you could go to the church to celebrate Christmas or you could help out the community there. For example, giving out foods and drinks to others who attended.

Assumption_cathedral_Bangkok          assumption-cathedral-chapel


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