The Secondary Student Council

What is the student council?

Student council is a group of students that share the ideas of each year group to others in order to improve the school. There are 2-3 representatives from each year group. They help organize school events and have meetings every Friday.

What have we been doing?

The student council have been discussing how to encourage students to speak English at all times during the school day. We have also been talking about having a vending machine for the students.

NEW! The Lunch Queue Jump Card

To encourage students to speak English at school, we have created the Jump Card system. In order to cut the lunch queue, students have to collect 20 Blue merits and exchange them with their tutor for the card (for one day). Prefects will also be in charge of making sure the card is used correctly.


 By: Ouiling, Prim, Mandy


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Hi, my name is Oui-Ling and I am a year 9 student at SIS. I hope you will like our online news, please visit us regularly and leave us some comments!

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