Magic of Books Day


Students dressed up as fantasy book characters

On magic of books day our student news team interviewed Ms. Erica and asked her questions about the event, and whether she enjoyed it or not.

What made you organize this event?

“Well Ms. Katherine in primary wanted to create a event that will encourage people to start reading, so we talked about what our theme could be and decided that books are magical and amazing so we decided to call it Magic of Books Day.”

What actually happened on the day?

“In the morning Year 8 had a story teller tell them 2 stories with a magical theme the story teller came from New York and her name is Julie, Year 9 also went and told Year 4 and 6 stories and lastly Year 11 also went and told stories to year 2 and 3. In science lessons the students made magical potions and did some experimenting with dry ice, Mr. Gavin also did a magical card trick for the students and of course the magic spell contest.”

Ms. Jenny dressed up as the other mother from the fantasy book Coraline

Ms. Jenny dressed up as the other mother from the fantasy book Coraline

Did you enjoy organizing this event?

“Yes I did enjoy the event, it was nice seeing members of staff and students dress up in costumes.

Was it hard picking the winner for each year group?

“Luckily i didn’t have to because the 6th form chose the winners for secondary, but it would’ve been difficult because everybody had amazing costumes on.”


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