Christmas Story

 Kristy Fields was one of the most loving girls in Dover Street, who lived alone with her adorable, little puppy.She had gorgeous, tan hair and a secret locket that nobody knew about.

The day before Christmas, she woke up very early because this was her favourite season of the year. She raced downstairs into the kitchen, ready to gobble down her appetizing breakfast of raspberry cookies and a warm mug of milk.

While she was feeding her starving pup, she heard a loud screeching noise outside her neighbourhood. It made her skin crawl. What was that? She listened and shook with fear. She had no idea what it was so she walked very carefully and stared outside.

There on the road stood a huge lorry and a bus, blocking the entire path, building up a pile of traffic every minute like a rock. A terrifying crash! For a second she glanced around and saw a man crying hurtfully with blood streaming down his face. There was something strange about him. She helped him up and staggered on.

“Who are you and what happened?” said Kristy softly.

“I’m David Fields; I broke apart from my humble family years ago. My wife had died, leaving me two children. One had died and the other was lost. So I keep searching for the long lost child. As you can see now, a London Bus suddenly halted and I crashed into it. I believe that I’ll NEVER find her.”

Then he showed her a shimmering locket, shaped like a heart. Inside the heart, it said “Kristy”. It froze her with shock and her heart beating wildly. Was he really her dad?!

“What’s wrong with you?” he said. She said nothing and started crying. She took out her locket from her pocket and brought it to him. It was a picture of her dad and mum. “It is the one thing that I always keep with me and I hope one day I will find my parents.” She said sadly. “Oh my daughter!” he yelled joyfully. His eyes were shining like diamonds. They hugged together.

On the 25th of December, the street was filled with Christmas carols, which Kristy loved so much. Both of them went straight to the kitchen to make her father’s special Christmas Recipe and decorated the huge Christmas tree with dazzling ornaments. This was her best memory and the happiest Christmas day that she ever had. So this season is a time to spend with your family, whether you are poor or rich.

Merry Christmas!


About mook953

Hi, I am Mook. I am in Y5 at St.Stephen's school. I really love reading books like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Geronimo Silton and other Creative books.Without questions, my house is now turning into a library!!! My teacher, Mr. Ted, loves teaching about numeracy. ( Maths )

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  1. marleyd2013 says :

    Wonderful story Mook!

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