Introducing the Journalists


Have you been longing to know some weird and wonderful facts about our Primary journalists? If so, this is the article for you!


Strange fact: Mok likes looking at caterpillars but hates the feel of them crawling on her!

Favourite word: hedgehog

Hidden talent: Mok can play the violin.

Hobby: Listening to music

If Mok could be any animal, she would be… a hedgehog (yes, she’s obsessed with them).


Strange fact: Prim likes fish in the sea, likes eating fish, but is terrifying of dying fish!

Favourite word: chivvy (telling someone repeatedly to do something)

Hidden talent: Prim can name the capital city of nearly every country in the world

Hobbies: reading and drawing

If Prim could be any animal, she’d be… a Phoenix (Prim’s obsessed with Harry Potter!)


Strange fact: Whenever I-Rak sees geckos, she will scream, whether they are near or far, big or small!

Favourite word: awesome

Hidden talent: Playing the ukulele

Hobbies: baking cakes and making desserts


Strange fact: Mook is scared of even the tiniest spiders.

Favourite word: sweet

Hidden talent: Mook loves playing the piano

Hobby: reading books

If Mook could be any animal, she would be… a wolf


Strange fact: Pam likes to speak really quickly

Hidden talent: talking (she’s very shy!)

Hobby: painting

If Pam could be any animal, she would be… a starfish!Image


About katherine091085

I am a year 5 teacher and Literacy Coordinator at St. Stephen's International School in Bangkok, Thailand. I am also the leader of the Primary SIS News club and look forward to helping my students create an interesting and informative news website, made by the students, for the students!

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