Interview Peak new student from SIS school Y4nv

Interview Peak (new student) from Y4NV

  1. Do you like to cook in the kitchen?

Yes, I like to cook in the kitchen.

2.How many I-phones do you have?

I have 7 I-phones.

3.What color do you like?

I like white.

4.What costume do you like to wear?

I think my best costume was School costume.

5.What choice will you choose to eat if there are only pizza, salad and spaghetti?

No, I will not choose any of them.

6.Which animal is your favorite?

I think I like monkey.

7.Do you like to play games called Angry Bird Space and Angry Bird Star wars?

No, I do not like any of them.

8.What occupation do you want when you grow up?

I want to be a foot ball player when I grow up.


About pam1248

Hi my name is Pam.I am eight years old and I live in Supalai park near the school.I love to cook and I like to make cookie and cake.My favorite colour is vioet and my favorite food is pizza and spagetti Carbonara.I walk to school every day.When I have free time I usually write stories.My favourite subject and toy are numeracy and the toy is furby.I like funny books and I usually loves cooking and art book too.My favorite film is Iron man3.I also love rabbit and it's fur.I also loves badminton too.My favorite place to go is the zoo beacause it has lots of diffrent kinds of animals.My favorite fruit is cherry,strawberries,apples,grapes and each other fruits.

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