1st Boys Basketball match U13

On Tuesday 17th of September the St.Stephen boys were playing against the Concordians! People were really excited. Jump Y5KS,  Lib Y5KS, Panpan Y5KS, Indy Y6CV, Mont Y5JT, Sairak Y6RD, Parm Y6RB, Jebby Y6RB and Teak Y6RB.

Well, I know that they all tried their best but unfortunately they lost. The score was 0-20. “They are very good at shooting far distances,” said Mont.

Next time let’s hope that they can play better by practicing!


About prim755

My name is Prim. I am in Y5JT at SIS Bangkok. I am addicted to Harry Potter books >_< ^0^ and I love reading books. My favourite character in Harry Potter is Hermione Granger! I have one sister called Fah. I love animals!!!!! I hate dead fishes :( ! My favourite food is OTORO SASHIMIIIIIIIII! My favourite3 movie is Depicable Me! I can play lots of instruments! Without question, my house are full of instruments.

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