Teacher’s profile #1: Mr.Ryan Coughlin

Mr. Ryan Coughlin

Mr. Ryan Coughlin

Name: Mr.Ryan Coughlin

Gender: Male

Tutor Group: Year 9 RC

Location (Room): ICT Lab B, building 3, first floor.

CAS activity: Chess club on Tuesdays after school.

Teaching Subjects: ICT & Maths

Years spent in Thailand: 9 years (Since 2004)

Why he came to Thailand: He came as a volunteer during the big tsunami. He stayed in Krabi for 2 months to help restore beaches.

Things he likes about Thailand: Nice Thai people and easy transportation.

Most embarrassing thing he did in Thailand: He went to watch a movie called ‘Khan Kluay’. He pronounced it wrong due to the spelling ‘K’, therefore it became a rude word in Thai. This made people around him laugh.

Favourite food: He likes spicy food, his favourite Thai food is spicy glass noodles salad (ยำวุ้นเส้น)

Favourite colour: Green as he loves the nature.

Hobbies: Read books, go cycling and study- he is currently studying the Chinese language.

Languages he knows: English, Thai and a little bit of Chinese.

Written by: Ouiling and Prim (Year 9)


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