Senior Boys Lead a Powerful Attack!


The first five players were Moss, Nic, Mark Hughes, Fluke and Ben.

On 14th October, the SIS Senior Boys’ Basketball team had a great success against the Regents’ basketball team, ending with a victory of 63-25.

With a score of 13-9, the first quarter was quite intense for the SIS boys.

In the second quarter, Tam tam replaced Fluke and Mew replaced Nic. At this point the score was 24-14 , with SIS continuing to lead the score board.


The game finished on 63-25 for our team!

“Overall I think that they work very hard on their extra session with their fitness after school, and understand each other very well. This shows on today’s score. Although it was a slow start at first, once they felt comfortable with the game they did very well. ”After the game, I had the chance to talk to Mr. Paul about today’s game and he said:

Mark Huges have commented that “I think I can improve on my shooting, but today I did well at my passing.”


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