Do you know what ASEAN is?

Asean logo

What is ASEAN?
ASEAN is an economic community in South East Asia. Economic means that it has an eco system which helps both the environment and people. This community is where all 10 countries come together as one and help each another along the journey to success. This is represented in their logo which is an image of a golden rice tied together as one; there are 10 pieces in total so that represents each country. ASEAN has been happening to help the countries involved improve their lifestyle; for example, with their marketing and food.

Who is involved?
ASEAN didn’t start out with many members, only Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. Then our community built up slowly starting from Brunei, who joined on the 7th of January 1984, following on with Vietnam, who joined on the 28th of July 1995, then Laos and Myanmar who both joined on the 23rd of July 1997. Finally, Cambodia joined on the 30th of April 1999, making up what we have today: All the members together as one community.

When did it start and why?
ASEAN started on the 8th of August 1967. ASEAN has the aim of accelerating the economic growth, social progress and cultural development of the countries involved. It shows that this community is a really serious one due to the goals set.

What does this have to do with us?
We are part Thailand, and Thailand is part of ASEAN. We should always respect and support our country which we live in. But it also means that it will be easier to live and work in all the countries of the group. It also means that we should practice our English more so that we can use it as our common language.

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