The Adventure of the Family Forest

In a village of the north of England there was a bronze, tall girl named Sunset who had always dreamed of fighting with people to win her golden medal. She was very kind and brave.

She lived with father, mother and two twin sisters, Sunshine and Sunrise in a small wooden cottage. Her sisters had been trained with their father to be strong and courage as usual at a place called, The Temple of Knowledge.

One day her sisters had disappeared, they were captured by soldiers from the city of Santa Catarina. The rest of family was dreadful and fearful. They couldn’t find them.

The next 2 days came; Sunset was carrying a brown basket full of juicy sun berries to the village square for lunch. While she was checking the jobs on a piece of scroll, suddenly, she heard a sound at the door. Knock! Knock! Someone was at the door! Oh, it was Mum. “Sunset, can you go to the Green-Cottage and meet the new neighbor?  Her name is California. I think you should ask her about your sisters,” Mum said sadly. Sunset replied taping her left foot. “Er…, yes, of course mum, I would be glad to do it.”

Within a few minutes, she settled off, carrying a sharp state, in-case there are dangerous animals attacking her. When she arrived at the Green-Cottage that was far from her cottage, she slid the door slowly, and began to hear someone crying. Before she could step inside the cottage, a thin girl with amber hair appeared from a door. She had a wooly, sweet dress and finely boots as thick as metal.

 Was this California? How beautiful she was!  “Um.., hi I’m Sunset. Are you expecting me for some reasons?”Sunset asked. The girl stood in silence and blinked. For a moment, the girl replied shyly, “I am California; I’m 12 years old,”

Tiny tears tinkled from California’s bright, blue eyes, to her pure pale cheeks. She sobbed, “Come inside, this is very important.” Sunset had been dragged inside the cottage. “Do you know that there are troops of soldiers from the city of Santa Catarina trying to capture everyone in the forest. They’re going to treat us as slaves! It’s dreadful,” California said. How did California know all this much?

“Oh, the last 2 days… my sisters, Sunshine and Sunrise, had been captured too. Although they are the youngest but they are the bravest girls. And I ….” Sunset explained sadly.

Suddenly before she could finish her line, girls who were a messy as a mud pie, walked slowly towards Sunset. Her brown eyes shone in the moon light, she hugged Sunshine and Sunset and yelled. “It’s really you!  I thought I’ll never see you again. ”

“ Where have you been?” Sunset asked. Sunshine and Sunrise began to tell their exciting adventure. “The soldiers from the city of Santa Catarina captured me, but I had escaped to a deep forest. I really starved to death, but luckily California’s brother helped me and carried me to this cottage. I also heard that they will capture all the people in the village,” she sounded quite worried.

“And this is Chalco, he is California’s brother,” Sunrise said .He had neat brown clothes, his hair was as yellow as golden tiger’s eyes and his cheek grew velvet. He was a powerful and sensible man.

When Chalco glanced at Sunset, his tender heart was beating fast for the first time because she was smart and coolly. He started introducing himself excitingly, smiling in a way of happiness. “Hi! Nice to meet you, Sunset, I think we should tell this news to everyone,” he replied.

All of them hurriedly went back home but it’s too late. No one was there. The cottage was destroyed. They were shocked. The village was silence.

Just then, Sunrise had spotted many vicious men, carrying a metal cage! “Guys, look at those men. Let’s follow them. I think he’s going to somewhere that everyone had been captured,” she whispered thoughtfully.

So they decided to sneak round the bushes, and came across a path marked with the track of soldiers through the deep forest. They were at the Mersey forest! Inside the camp stood seriously the largest leader of the city of Santa Catarina, Jackie Grayson who had a mean smirk on his face.

From that time, they saw lots of people from the village captured include Sunset’s parents tied up back to back in the cage. There were eight soldiers with shotguns each guarding around the cages. But the children knew that they had only one stake to fight. It’s impossible!

For a while Sunset had a brilliant plan, she carefully pulled out a bottle of cloves oil that her father had given to her. “This is the only way to help them. It is an anesthetic and works within few minutes. We should hurry,” Sunset whispered.

When it began to get dark, she cautiously crawled to the well and poured half of the cloves oil bottle into it. No one noticed her. While the children were waiting behind the rose bushes, the leader and the soldiers began to feel very thirsty. “Hey, crew, let’s have a break,” said their leader, Jackie Grayson. All of them drank a cup of water from the bucket. Not long afterward, they started drowsy and fell to the ground one by one.

The children ran quickly and unlocked all the cages. Sunset, Sunshine and Sunrise hugged to their parents happily. “Dad, mum! We are safe now,” Sunshine cried. All the shotguns were kept in the secret box. Everyone helped to tie all the soldiers and carried them into the ship.

For a moment the soldiers woke up and felt frighten. “Hey, go away and don’t invade in our island,” Chalco yelled and hold shotgun in his fist. “Uh…..we promise and thanks for saving our lives!” Jackie Grayson replied. Sunset stared at Chalco and smile to him. The soldier’s ship had sailed away.

The sun had set, the sky was full of star twinkled. The wind glided gently past the open sea. The leaves calmly rustled through the fresh air. Pink tulips bloomed as if the angels danced joyfully. Chalco and Sunset had sat on the cliff. He gazed at her eyes and said “Um … Sunset I feel that you are special, I love you!  Will you marry me? ” “Ok.” She replied shyly. And then he wore a ring for her.Everyone who hided in the bushes ran out and congratulated to them.


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Hi, I am Mook. I am in Y5 at St.Stephen's school. I really love reading books like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Geronimo Silton and other Creative books.Without questions, my house is now turning into a library!!! My teacher, Mr. Ted, loves teaching about numeracy. ( Maths )

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