Hedgehog Corner


That every hedgehog has diabetes.

Do Hedgehog have species?

Yes, there are 14 species which are Europaeus, Albiventris, Auritus, Aethiopicus, Concolor, Algirus, Collaris, Micropus, Amurensis, Sclateri, Hughi, Hypomelas, Frontalis and Dauuricus.

Fun Facts

Hedgehog never poo at the same place.

They are nocturnal, but sometimes they also sleep at night.

They can eat fruit peel too.

They can eat almost anything when they are hungry. (I know because I test before.)


“My favorite animal is hedgehog because they are cute and are quite easy to have as a pet. (If you know how to treat them well)” said Mok.


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About Mok :)

Hi everyone. I live in Bangkok,Thailand. I studying in St. Stephen's International school Bangkok and I'm in year 5/KS. My favourite subject is Art,ICT and IPC. I like to eat chocolate and I love animals I have a little brother called Mek. My BFF name is Bonus. My favorite teacher is miss Katherine.

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